Ahhh, That Feels Good

How did it get started?

When you hear the term “abstract art”, most of us think of colors, scribbles and shapes splashed across a canvas by some self-indulgent, drunken artist painting in his underwear……. or is that just me?

Towards the end of the 1800’s, dudes like Monet and Van Gogh began to pull and stretch the parameters of reality, painting trees and flowers the way they saw them in their minds, in a way that felt right to them.

Abstract art seems to have geared up as the world geared up for war. it seems when things in the world go sour and life becomes stressful, people need relief, they want to try to understand wtf is going on. Nature and nostalgia are calming. Abstraction is more of a reaction, perhaps an escape.

Two world wars certainly were a cause for concern and so abstract art was a young person’s way to respond to a world that was making little sense.. You got your Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock and blah blah blah, etc. And they spawned your Andy Warhol, Man Ray and so on, blah blah blah.


We ain’t gonna take it no mo’!

I won’t pretend to be an art historian, but abstract art was a response. Artists  were saying, “We ain’t gonna take it no mo’! Your world isn’t working, so we’ll create our own.” From there, the rest of us jumped in. And think about it, with this attitude came social change; women’s vote, human rights and stuffed crust pizza.

Some people like a bit of social decay and urban chaos in bleak faded shades as wall art, but most of us see enough of that in real life. So a bit of escape is nice. Dreamy soft focused flowers to make us sigh, an arm here a breast there to make us muse, a set of lips in a frame to make us smile and ponder.


See it. Feel it. Roll around in it.

When Spring is coming, I am usually feeling ethereal, a little light on my feet and light in the head perhaps. Not enough sunlight, I think. Tulips have not quite arrived in the park, but they are in my mind, and I can pick some up at the local supermarket.

It is said that abstract art is to be encountered on a contemplative level. You know see it, feel it, roll around in it kind of thing. So that’s what I do. I work from a photograph of a flower or tree and then play with focus, form, texture, layering and color until I go, “ah, ya…..that feels good.” ….

And there is something really nice about home décor color palettes today. In my latest collection which includes “Tulips in Shades of Blue” and “Three Roses Appearing” I softened, blurred and recolored the flowers to make me feel good mostly, but also to create a piece of wall art that would look right in your home and maybe make you go, “ah, ya…..that feels good,” too.

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