Autumn is Cosy

Autumn is Cosy

When you go with the flow, life becomes a little easier.

Nature’s generous gift of Autumn is why I always look forward to summer’s end.

Even though grumblings in the thick, hot, humid, stifling, summer air like, “How can you say that. Autumn means winter is almost here!”  or “You’ll wish it was July once it’s January can be heard over and over again;” I’ll say “No, you won’t hear me complain.” I might wish it was September or October, but July? Not so much.

With Autumn’s glorious colors, comfortable temperatures and no bugs!!!!! I love it!!! The Fall season also reminds us that change is good, that life runs in cycles and if we can tune in to this energy, the impending fear of “change”, subsides. When you go with the flow, life becomes a little easier.forest bathing, tree therapy, nature, wall art,heart, therapy, forest bathing, tree therapy

A rush of nostalgia runs through my soul

Autumn, a celebration of the senses to be sure. Strokes of red, yellow, orange, gold, brown, purple, pink and magenta dance in blue skies.   Blankets of leaves crunch beneath my feet. Fresh cool air tickles my nostrils, and a rush of nostalgia runs through my soul with visions of longs walks in the woods, football, bonfires, Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie and no bugs….. did I say ‘no bugs’?

autumn, fall, homedecor, wall art, nature, leaves, tree, amberMiracles are still alive and well

That transition from greens to shades of amber rainbows reminds us that miracles are still alive and well, thank you very much! And just because this miracle has happened every year since forever doesn’t make it any less miraculous than if it happened once. I get goosebumps just thinking about it and it makes me feel all cosy inside.

I love creating autumn wall art for all of these reasons. It’s February or March or July, and I imagine one of my autumn, nature scenes on your wall, and for just a passing and wonderful moment, it is autumn for you. And it makes you feel all cosy inside. Ooooh, I’m getting goosebumps again.

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