Black and White Florals

Soothing and Timeless

I have been intrigued by black and white photography lately. There is something soothing and timeless about these images.

Light, shadow, shape and texture take center stage in black and white photography. And let’s face it, there’s no denying color can be so amazing. I was in a shop buying a new computer the other day when I passed some of the new TV’s for sale. A wall of high def color images on mammoth screens were on display. I was blown away. In awe, I collapsed into the fetal position on the floor crying with the joy of ultimate beauty.  Not really, but it was nice.

It’s just that when it comes to home décor, we don’t want to be blown away. Fine if you’re a red eyed tree frog looking for a mate go for the power of color or paint yourself red and go downtown. You’ll get the attention you crave, I assure you.


Home is a Place to Be Soothed

At home, we want to be calmed, massaged into a state of wonderfulness so we are in the best frame of mind to replenish from the stresses of reality, dealing with the kids, our spouse and in-laws, and the dog next store that just won’t shut up.

A flowing color theme is awesome often, but black and white fits just about any color theme. And if you do decide to change your décor, chances are the black and white will continue to fit. Sometimes black and white can really set off the colors you do use.

Then there’s the nostalgia factor. Black and white images take us back in time, making us feel warm and fuzzy to a state of reminiscent bliss like we’re in a Humphrey Bogart movie or maybe coming back from the war.

Just try it yourself. Browse through some old black and whites and see if you don’t begin to sigh and look off into corners of the room thinking back to your first kiss or maybe just holding hands with your dad. If you begin to foam at the mouth maybe black and white isn’t for you, but otherwise proceed.


Out of a Ballet

After seeing some of the work of the late great Robert Mapplethorpe, buddy to the late great Andy Warhol, I was intrigued by his black and white florals. Some of his pieces are like scenes out of a fanciful ballet. Flowers positioned to dance and hold graceful postures, quite elegant, I must say.  I am just beginning this journey into the realm of black and white florals and I try to give them their justice and I will continue down this road to Nirvana.



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