Blue Mind

Blue Mind makes you feel ahhhhhhh…..nice.

A seascape, a window to peace and tranquillity in your home? Sound a bit much? I understand. But would you believe that there is actual scientific evidence that shows that being near the sea or even thinking about the sea will make you feel good? The condition is called “Blue Mind”, a meditative state where you simply feel good about life at the moment.

In this crazy world of monkey mind, you know that state when you can’t stop thinking, brain chatter where thoughts go round and round repeating themselves over and over keeping you on edge or worse, up half the night. I think we’ve all had it. Experts say we cycle and recycle about 50,000 thoughts per day. I’m getting dizzy thinking about thinking! Well, blue mind can help combat that.

Of course, a picture of the sea on your wall is not going to make your home a palace and you a meditative guru, but long ago a wise person said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”


How about a little peace and tranquillity?

More and more, interior decorators are increasingly aware of home design and décor and how style and function must work hand in hand. And that’s on every level. In this age of increasing stress and yes, monkey mind, we need some simple strategies, things we can do one step at a time. Taking advantage of our natural affinity for the water can help us at home even if we don’t live on the coast.

Seascapes cue our blue mind. And so having them in the home decorating a wall can become a trigger to peace and tranquillity and in combination with other home décor strategies and life style practices, a state of inner peace might just be a little bit closer. A beautiful seascape won’t win you any lotteries, but then again you won’t care.

Maybe our ancestors were dolphins…….

For the past few years, I have had the opportunity to be near water.  The North Sea not far from the shores of Edinburgh, Scotland has been a favorite location. I must admit that beyond the amazing photo ops, there is truly a calming effect I feel when I am there. I am sure many of you have felt it as well. The waves, the birds, blue sky, far off horizon, fresh sea air, it’s a nice vibe. Maybe our ancestors were all dolphins and our deepest instincts are calling us home. Actually I may have been a mermaid in a former life.

My approach is usually to take a photograph as a starting point. By texturing, layering, replacing and enhancing colors, I hopefully produce an aesthetically pleasing piece for your decorated wall. Sometimes a painted look softens an image and when stronger colors are replaced by pastels, a viewer is more likely to get that blue mind feeling. And likely, unless you are skydiving or being chased by a pack of flesh eating monsters, it’s a feeling that you want. And when the color and décor theme connect with the rest of the home, you are taking that first important step on your journey to blue mind. Ohhhhhhmmmmm…..


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