Flower Wall Art

Optimize Every Aspect of Your Home

Flower wall art, an important connection with nature? Some will say, “Nonsense! Just get outside.” And of course there is no replacement for the great outdoors, but with the challenges of today’s world of working, commuting, juggling a family and staying sane, time is at a premium. Optimizing every aspect of home décor to calm, inspire and rejuvenate may just be another survival skill in your bag of tricks. A window into a garden, a bouquet of tulips in soft light, a glimmering rain soaked poppy, sometimes a casual peek gives you a breath of fresh air and helps keep you balanced. And more, with the right color theme, florals can help create unity in your home décor.

People Have Always Had a Thing For Flowers

Flower wall art became popular in the 1600’s and remained so ever since.  William Morris, famous 19th century artisan, turned stiff lipped Victorians on to flowers as an option for the decorated wall.  Floral paintings, wall paper and murals became the rage. A bit curious though; even a century and half ago people were feeling the need to return to nature. Even before the age of concrete, steel and glass, the need to reconnect with nature has become a need in Western society.  The New Age Movement is on the rise because technology is moving so fast, we humble humans are finding it difficult to keep up. You might say flowers bring us back to our roots. So aren’t florals a wonderful way to bring some of the outdoors in?


Well Chosen Wall Art Can Make a Big Difference

Florals are really having a moment right now, and people are finding innovative ways to incorporate them with pops of color,” says designer Layne Kula.

Personally, I like to take a floral image, soften it and inject it with a current color palette. When the right pieces of wall art are chosen, the character throughout the home has a bright flow and a connection. Well chosen florals just might bring a little more personality and uniqueness to the living space as well.

And as we know, today’s gentle push in home décor is to establish peace and harmony, to create an oasis far from the madding crowd. Maybe flower wall art is just what we need right now.


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