Forest Bathing … no swimsuits required

02. February 2018 Wall Art & Hal Halli 0
Forest Bathing … no swimsuits required

What’s a tree fix?

Did you ever think you would need a tree fix? To bathe in one of Mother Nature’s good creations; the forest. Beyond the cave dwellers and crypt keepers of the world, most of us have had that experience of an invigorating walk in the forest. Even just being in the forest is beneficial to your well-being. Why do you think tree huggers look so happy? It’s not just the bark caught between their teeth. So it makes sense to include some tree wall art in your home décor, but we’ll come back to that.

Science has proven that the practice of forest bathing can enhance your state of mind. The Japanese term “Shinrin-yoku” means “forest bathing” and swim suits are not required. Spending time among the trees and just ‘being’ is the only prerequisite. Our ancestors did it all the time.

The Japanese have been forest bathing for years and when done regularly the habit has proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and improve overall feelings of wellbeing. Benefits of being among trees have been so recognized by the Japanese government that they incorporated it into their national public health program in 1982. Also known as tree therapy, the practice is spreading around the world. It’s huge in California. Just like the trees, I guess.

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We Need Out!

Most people spend close to 95% of their time in a house or a car, that leaves five percent to cut the lawn, get from the parking lot to the mall and walk the dog. In this wild and crazy world we live in, we have to structure in our own personal maintenance. Good food, enough sleep, exercise, meditation of some kind and yes, a connection with nature. So much to do! I get nervous just thinking about it.

And check this out, a study done in Toronto, Canada showed that adding trees to specific neighbourhoods increased inhabitants ‘happiness index’.

Now let’s be straight here, there is no replacement for getting outside and going real time with Mother Nature. No one gives a good hug like she can though my grandmother was pretty amazing with those chubby loving arms of hers, and she always smelled like chicken soup. Again, that’s another story.

Find the Thread

In home décor, we want to find the thread that connects throughout. Our home should make us feel comforted. Calming, yet inspiring colors and wall art that subtly keeps us in a positive state of mind and fuses with who we are personally and naturally.

In this blog piece, I have included tree images most of which possess colors and shades that are trending with today’s home décor experts, but a couple are just nice straight up walk in the forest pieces. As well, I softened images to give them a more ethereal feeling, kind of like ‘melts in your mouth’.  As with most wall art, you want it to flow with your décor, not necessarily make a grand statement.

Funny thing, that after millenniums of wandering the Earth, living in caves, chasing dinosaurs, escaping predators and picking a few berries, we would have to make an effort to reconnect with nature. Who would have thought?


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