There is Still Life

Still Life, an opportunity to add an element of serenity to your living space. A window of constant in a sea of change. A zen moment, perhaps?

The pace of real life is accelerating. We’re in a process of perpetual change and things are speeding up every nanosecond. So it’s easy to understand why there is a decor trend to slow things down. Designers agree that if you want to create a serene and relaxing environment, landscapes, portraits or a still life is probably a good choice.

Nature morte (cool term for ‘still life’) offers calm and peace. There’s more to it than apples and feathers.  The interplay of forms, color, space and light come together to tell a tale. Simple, timeless, interactive. In this way, the character and personality of the decorated wall is affected by the people viewing it. In my whimsical piece “Leaves on a Clothes Line”, what comes to mind for you?

Da Vinci and Van Gogh found fruit, jugs, skulls, shoes, cups and candles inspiring characters in their still life scenes. A twinkle in time. The how, the why, the when, that’s left up to you. The picture draws you in if you let it.

In some of my work, style of the Dutch Masters has played a big part. I am fascinated by the lighting and contrast used by Rembrandt and Vermeer. “Rembrandt’s Tulips”, “Bottles and a Peony” and “Memories “ are examples of their influence on my work.

I do like to be playful in some of my still life photography. “Leaves on a Clothes Line”, “Tomato-Tomahto”, “Red Rose Green World” and “Strawberry Tea” may even make you smile.

In “Memories”, the window light illuminates the past. Dying flowers, a pocket watch, a lock, a bottle on its side had lost its top. With the help of your imagination, each object becomes a strand in a life story that weaves itself into memories.

But let’s be sure, if there is no pleasure in the style, in the colors, in the pure visual, nothing else much matters. There must be magic in the sheer image and that is what makes a signature piece.

Perfect for a waiting area, a foyer, a hall, or a living space. Just enough time for a casual glance or perhaps a moment for a cup of coffee and a daydream? Still life just might, still your life.  And sometimes that’s a good thing.

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