Ahhh, That Feels Good

forest bathing, tree therapy, nature, wall art,heart, therapy, forest bathing, tree therapy

How did it get started? When you hear the term “abstract art”, most of us think of colors, scribbles and shapes splashed across a canvas by some self-indulgent, drunken artist painting in his underwear……. or is that just me? Towards the end

The Sepia Effect

Those were the days my friend. A sentimental longing for times gone by. A reminiscence painted with perfection by the years that have past. Such is the charm of nostalgia. Such is the charm of the sepia effect and vintage wall art.

Forest Bathing … no swimsuits required

forest bathing, trees, therapy, woods, nature, forest

What’s a tree fix? Did you ever think you would need a tree fix? To bathe in one of Mother Nature’s good creations; the forest. Beyond the cave dwellers and crypt keepers of the world, most of us have had that experience

Flower Wall Art

daisy, floral, flower, painted, nature

Optimize Every Aspect of Your Home Flower wall art, an important connection with nature? Some will say, “Nonsense! Just get outside.” And of course there is no replacement for the great outdoors, but with the challenges of today’s world of working, commuting,

Crimson Landscape Wall Art

crimson tree in mist art

In this four piece wall art collection, I have advantaged home decor color trends for 2018. The vibe for this year is for slowing things down, creating balance with soft rich tones in your living space. Gentle greys and deep light crimsons are