Time For a Miracle

28. February 2018 Wall Art & Hal Halli 0
Time For a Miracle

It was Only Yesterday

No miracles? Funny thing, I think. Picture this. Stuck in traffic, checking the time, making last minute arrangements on your cell, sucking back an Americano, inhaling a Mr. Chunky, it is hard to believe that not long ago our kind was gathering berries, listening for the thundering hooves of a herd galloping by, sniffing the air for coming rain or finding shelter in a cave.

Okay, it wasn’t five minutes ago according to your digital clock, but in the timeline of your biological clock, in the evolution of people kind, it just happened. It’s almost as if each of us has been catapulted through a time machine. One minute, we’re paddling a canoe and the next we’re strapped into to a road warrior screaming down the highway.

Zoom Zoom

The world is moving at warp speed. They’ve got garden robots that cut your grass and shovel your snow, busses that drive over traffic, mechanical body parts, and pills to bring you up or settle you down or keep you nice and sideways… Our quick fix generation is literally going mad just trying to get a handle on things.

And ironically in this day and age of men on the moon, organ transplants, cloned sheep and tofu wieners, people wonder why there are no more miracles. If you need a reminder of a miracle or two, fasten your seat belts.  Ignore the fact that a baby is born every quarter second, that each of us has enough DNA to stretch to the Sun 1700 times or that doctors can make blind people see and deaf people hear. You want something of biblical proportions some sea splitting, rise from the dead, water to wine kind of thing. Well, spring is coming.  So here’s your big chance.


Walk with a Miracle

As this season of rebirth and renaissance for the spirit spreads its arms and welcomes you in, consider a walk with nature. Look at the little blossoms peeping out like hungry chicks. Go close to a tree twig and see the baby buds fresh and green stretching and unfolding, becoming leaves. More than an image, this is creation in the palm of your hand. I love to take moments to still myself, to breathe, to feel fragile, sweet, tender life, and to sense its magic, the beautiful miracle of Mother Nature’s art.

Dostoyevsky, the great Russian author once said, “Beauty will save the world”. So do your bit for world peace and enjoy a miracle or two this spring. You might get good at it and then who knows what will happen!


Time with nature is another one of those silly non-earth shattering miracles that ease worry and help you to relax. Having wall art images as part of your home decor will simply make you feel a little better. It may, in some small way, remind you of the good old care free days when you’re ancestors ate insects and flossed their teeth with sticks.


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