Past Wall Art of the Day

Mapplethorpe, flower, black and white, floral, still life, shadows, light, wall art. home decor

 Flowers Vines Shadows…..Feeling like Robert Mapplethorpe here. I was captivated by this scene when I placed this plant in the sun shining in from the window. Form, shape and texture are left to speak for themselves in this black and white piece.

prairies, farm, landscape, wall art, home decor, art, decoration

Barn Tree Moment……..Less is more in a minimalist landscape. I passed this location so many times before going “Hey, what a minute. I can do something here.” I kept thinking it feels like a William Kurelek scene (great Canadian Prairies painter). Bleak yet magnetic. Wall art to yearn by.

two, tulips, pair, couple, attraction, flowers, floral, soring, inspiration, hope, home decor, wall art, gardenTwo Yellow Tulips Meet in a Twinkle……..In this wall art offering, two tulips meet in the sky sparking the inspiration that is spring.  Who doesn’t need a little rebirth in their home decor?

lily, calla lily, flower, floral, three, wall art, home decor, palette
Three Calla Lilies….I am intrigued by the shape and grace of the calla lily. I melded this fascination with two of my favorite colors to come up with this floral fusion. It favors a contemporary color palette and the mystery of threeness. Ooooh! Can you feel it?
lily, black and white, floral, flowers, wall art, home decor, grey scale,
Lily My Lily…… I continue to explore the sweet simplicity of black and white florals. There is a simplicity in this kind of wall art offering that is so soothing. And it fits in just about any home decor theme.
black and white, flower, gerbera, floral, wall art, home decor, spring, garden
Gerbera in Black and White…..there is a simplicity that is irresistible in black and white,,,,and I’ve been exploring it a lot in my latest collection of wall art florals.
flowers, wall art, roses, abstract, soft focus,
Three Roses Appearing…..There is something really nice about home décor color palettes today. I soften, blur and recolor flowers to make me feel good mostly, but also to create a piece of wall art that would look right in your home and maybe make you go, “ah, ya…..that feels good,”

abstract, tulip, spring, ethereal, flower, home decor, wall art, blue mind, gallery, collection
Tulips in Shades of Blue…..wall art…..Spring is coming and I am feeling ethereal, a little light on my feet and light in the head perhaps. Tulips have not quite arrived in the park, but a blizzard has. I wanted to represent the tulips that are not there yet. It is said that abstract art is to be encountered on a contemplative level. You know see it, feel it. So please roll around in this one and tell me what you think.
wall art, home decor, nature, spring, leaf, forest, tree, green, light, life, miracle
Young Leaf in Rays of Sunshine…..Wall art can cue us to positive thinking. Some people wonder why there are no more miracles. I say take a walk through the forest. Look at the little blossoms peeping out of the grass like hungry chicks. Go close to a tree twig and see the baby buds fresh and green stretching and unfolding, becoming leaves. This is creation in the palm of your hand. I love to take moments to still myself, to breathe, to feel fragile, sweet, tender life, and to sense its wonder, this beautiful miracle.
daisies, spring, vase, floral, still life, home decor, wall art
Spring is Coming……Crimson light washes over promises of spring. A beautiful piece of wall art for your kitchen, den or any space that needs a little inspiration.

grass, clouds, sky, wall art, blue mind, home decor
Pastel Blue Seaside…….staying in the “Blue Mind” trend here, I enhanced the color of the sky and then matched the color of the grass to the sky. So the whole scene vibes a mellow happy pastelly blue, a 2018 trending tone. And I love the feel of this piece.
sepia, nature, park, trees, blur, , wall art, home decor
Sepia Trees Afternoon Light…The magic of sepia ignites that nostalgic feeling in most of us. I reprocessed this frame, a shot I took five years ago. I took the color out and filtered it with sepia. Ironically, the light, contrast and tone capture the mood that afternoon so much better than the color version.

rose, floral, flower, pastel, Scotland, wall art, home decor, cottage, canvases, prints
Pastelacious Rose…In this wall art piece, I wanted to use the beautiful natural pastel shades of the rose to photopaint the background and make the rose appear out of a soft pastel world. It creates unity, I think and the colors really speak to me. An interior can come to life with a piece like this and it can connect with different styles, The palette is current and the floral is gentle.
beach, grass, coast, sea, Scotland
The Seaside is a treasure of images. Wall art jewels await every artist ……. This is an afternoon by the seaside. Long grass blows in the wind. One can walk in the sand on and on. The wind whispers its secrets.  The blues and greens are soft, yet you feel the mighty strength of the sea. The air is fresh. The sky is bright. Inspiration runs through your soul.
abstract, forest, wall art
In Crimson Woods…… Mystical dreamy forest wall art brings nature into your world of home décor. Abstract yet definite and full of depth. Gentle and ambient. Wall art in soft shades of red. “Sometimes I want to feel like Alice in Wonderland when I walk through the forest. This image takes me on that trip. I like that.”
Tulips In Winter ……. In this still life wall art piece, soft lavenders and greens in a simple backdrop send focus to a vase of tulips with the promise of spring.
North Sea Low Tide.……. Looking to the North Sea from Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. The tide is out and the sun is low. It is a moment when golden hues and deep browns compliment pale Scottish blues. The rich melancholy ambience that is Scotland comes through for me in this wall art seascape.